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WAmazing Membership Terms and Conditions

Section 1 WAmazing Membership

  1. By agreeing to these WAmazing Membership Terms and Conditions (these Terms), individuals who have completed membership registration by the prescribed method (Members) can use various services (the Services) provided by WAmazing Inc. (the Company) or companies in partnership with the Company in accordance with conditions set forth by the Company. However, use of some services may require separate registration of items set forth by the Company.
  2. Members may not transfer, lease, provide as collateral, or otherwise divest any and all rights acquired from the Company through their status as Members and through their use of the Services.

Section 2 Scope of Application of These Terms
These Terms apply to all Members who use the Services.
Because these Terms may be changed as necessary without prior notice to Members, please be sure when using the Services to read the latest version of these Terms presented therein.
In the event that a Member uses the Services after the Company changes the content of these Terms based on the preceding paragraph, that Member is considered to have agreed to the changes to these Terms.
Any and all additional individual terms, conditions, precautions, etc., presented in the Services that apply between the Company and Members in connection with the Services constitute part of these Terms.

Section 3 Member Registration Procedure

  1. Membership eligibility Individuals who have agreed to these Terms and performed member registration by the prescribed method will gain status as a member after the predetermined registration procedure is completed. The Company may deny membership to any individual who has previously had their member status revoked or is otherwise judged unsuitable for membership.
  2. Entering information during member registration Please abide by the following when registering for membership. (1) Carefully read all entry-related cautions during the member registration process and fill out honestly and accurately the required items in the designated entry form. (2) The member registration procedure should be carried out by the person applying for membership. Registration by proxy is not allowed under any circumstances. (3) The e-mail address entered during member registration should be the Member's own address. Applications that register another person's e-mail address will be denied. (4) Only one account and/or user ID may be created and held per user.

Section 4 User ID and Password Management
Members are solely responsible for managing their own user IDs and passwords. Verification, by a predetermined method, that the user ID and password entered match those registered will be recognized as an act of use by the Member. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages arising from use by persons other than the Member due to the theft or unauthorized use of their user ID and password, or other such circumstances.

Section 5 Changing Registration Information
In the event of a change in registered information, Members should promptly edit their registration information. The company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages arising from failure to perform registration changes. Furthermore, even when registration information is changed, transactions processed prior to the change will be executed based on the information registered at that time. For such transactions, in the event that it becomes necessary to notify an entity providing a product or service (Service Provider) subject to the transaction of a change in the content of registered information, Members should contact the Service Provider directly.

Section 6 Withdrawing Membership
Members who wish to withdraw their membership should contact the Company. Withdrawal becomes effective upon completion of the prescribed withdrawal procedure.

Section 7 Indemnification

  1. Please contact Service Providers directly for questions regarding the Service Providers themselves, the details of transactions with Service Providers, products and services offered, the details and various content presented on Service Provider pages, and handling of personal information by the Service Providers. The Company provides no guarantee whatsoever of the truthfulness, accuracy, currency, usefulness, reliability, legality, or non-infringement of third-party rights concerning these matters.
  2. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for system suspensions, delays, interruptions, or loss of data caused by damage to network connections, computers, etc.; damages arising from unauthorized access to data; or any other damages to Members in connection with the Company's services.
  3. The Company provides no guarantee that the content of e-mail sent from the Company's webpages, servers, domains, etc., does not contain computer viruses or other malicious software.
  4. The Company may from time to time provide information, advice, etc., to Members and Service Providers, but assumes no responsibility as a result of doing so.
  5. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages arising from the violation of these Terms, etc., by Members.
  6. The preceding five paragraphs do not apply in the event of deliberate intent or gross negligence on the part of the Company.

Section 8 Prohibited Behavior
Members are prohibited from engaging in any and all actions listed below when using the Services.
(1) Violating laws, regulations, and/or these Terms
(2) Harming the rights, financial health, good reputation, etc., of the Company, Service Providers, and other third parties
(3) Engaging in actions that potentially have a negative impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of children and youth, and other actions in violation of public order and decency
(4) Engaging in actions that are troublesome or unpleasant to other users and other third parties
(5) Entering falsified information
(6) Sending or posting malicious computer programs, e-mails, etc.
(7) Accessing the Company's servers or other computers without authorization
(8) Leasing, transferring, or otherwise sharing a user ID and password to/with third parties

Section 9 Representation and Warrantee Against Antisocial Force/Group

  1. Members represent and warrant that they are not part of any gang, gang-affiliated enterprise or group, or other criminal organization (collectively Antisocial Force/Group) and are not under the control or influence of an Antisocial Force/Group.
  2. The Company may unilaterally revoke the membership of any Member that is reasonably considered to meet any of following items. (1) The Member is part of an Antisocial Force/Group (2) An Antisocial Force/Group is materially involved in management (3) The Member is using an Antisocial Force/Group (4) The Member is providing funds or granting favors to, or is otherwise involved in, an Antisocial Force/Group (5) The Member has a socially reprehensible relationship with an Antisocial Force/Group (6) The Member has personally or through a third party used deception, violent behavior, or threatening language toward another person
  3. Members that meet any of the items in the preceding paragraph assume responsibility for compensating the Company for any damages it suffers as a result of the applicable membership revocation, and may not seek compensation from the Company for damages personally incurred.

Section 10 Handling of Member Information
The Company handles personal information in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy ( https://www.wamazing.jp/terms/privacy ).

Section 11 Using the Services
To use the various services, Members must agree ahead of time to the respective terms of use of those services.

Section 12 Interruption, Suspension, etc., of the Services
To continuously provide the services in a satisfactory manner, the Company may take any and all necessary actions, including interrupting or temporarily suspending provision of the services, all or in part, in any of the following circumstances and without prior notification: when conducting routine or emergency system maintenance; when excessive load is placed on the system; when the Company judges that not doing so may interfere with service operation; when the need arises to ensure Member security; and in other situations judged necessary by the Company. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages to Members arising from such actions. However, this does not apply in the event of deliberate intent or gross negligence on the part of the Company.

Section 13 Cancellation or Revocation of Membership

  1. In the event that a Member is considered to meet any of the items below, the Company may suspend use of the Services by that Member, change the Member's user ID and password, and/or revoke the Member's membership without prior notification. The company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any and all damages to the Member that arise as a result. However, this does not apply in the event of deliberate intent or gross negligence on the part of the Company. (1) The Member acted in violation of laws, regulations, these Terms, etc. (2) The Member acted inappropriately in connection with use of the Services (3) When it becomes necessary to ensure the Member’s security, such as when an incorrect password was entered more than a certain number of times (4) Other circumstances judged appropriate by the Company
  2. In addition to the preceding paragraph, in the event that a Member does not perform a login procedure a minimum number of times within a given period set by the Company, the Company may change that Member's user ID and password or revoke the Member's membership without prior notification.

Section 14 Service Changes and Discontinuation
The Company may from time to time and at its sole discretion change or discontinue the Services, all or in part.

Section 15 Governing Language, Law, and Jurisdiction
These Terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese version of these Terms and the laws of Japan. Any and all disputes arising from or in connection with these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive original jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

Amended and effective: January 4, 2017


The original text was written in Japanese.
If any discrepancies should arise between the Japanese and English texts,
the former shall prevail at all times.





(1) 会員登録手続の際には、入力上の注意をよく読み、所定の入力フォームに必要事項を真実かつ正確に入力してください。
(2) 会員登録手続は、会員となるご本人が行ってください。代理による登録は一切認められません。
(4) 1人の利用者による複数の会員登録および/またはユーザIDの保有は認めていません。







  1. 会員は、自らが暴力団または暴力団関係企業・団体その他反社会的勢力(以下、総称して「反社会的勢力」という)ではないこと、反社会的勢力の支配・影響を受けていないことを表明し、保証するものとします。
  2. 会員が次の各号のいずれかに該当することが合理的に認められた場合、当社はなんら催告することなく会員資格を取り消すことができるものとします。 (1) 反社会的勢力に属していること (2) 反社会的勢力が経営に実質的に関与していること (3) 反社会的勢力を利用していること (4) 反社会的勢力に対して資金等を提供し、又は便宜を供与するなどの関与をしていること (5) 反社会的勢力と社会的に非難されるべき関係を有していること (6) 自らまたは第三者を利用して関係者に対し、詐術、暴力的行為、または脅迫的言辞を用いたこと
  3. 前項各号のいずれかに該当した会員は、当社が当該取り消しにより被った損害を賠償する責任を負うものとし、自らに生じた損害の賠償を当社に求めることはできないものとします。

当社は、当社のプライバシーポリシー( https://www.wamazing.jp/terms/privacy )に従い、個人情報を取り扱います。






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