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Privacy Policy

WAmazing Inc. (the company) strongly recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and pays the utmost care in its handling. For this purpose, the company has established a Privacy Policy that specifies how the company collects, uses, discloses, transfers, and stores information about its users. This Privacy Policy applies to use of the company’s services in conjunction with other privacy policies and terms of use, as well as any ancillary terms or guidelines, set for individual applications, websites, and services (collectively services) distributed or provided by the company.

1. Information collected by the company and method of collection

1.1 Information collected directly from users
The company may request users to provide the following information when registering for the company's services.
(a) Name
(b) Date of birth
(c) Gender
(d) Nationality
(e) E-mail address
(f) Password and other information needed to verify the person accessing the user's account
(g) User profile (username or nickname, profile image, and other information entered by the user for profile creation)
(h) Travel/stay information (date of entry in Japan, airport and other facilities used for embarkation/disembarkation, tour format, number of other people in travel party, accommodation facilities during stay, and other travel/stay information entered by the user)
(i) Information designated by the company to be collected in the company’s apps and on its websites
(j) Other user-related information specified by the company
1.2 Device information
When the user uses the company's services on a device or mobile device, the company may collect the device identifier, mobile device identifier, and IP address. The company may also collect any and all other information voluntarily provided by the user, such as the name assigned to the device by the user, the type of device, phone number, country, username, and e-mail address.
1.3 Location information
The company may obtain information concerning the user's current location when the user uses the company’s apps on the user's device or mobile device and provides permission for the provision of such location information.
1.4 Payment information
The company collects credit card and other information to receive payment from customers when they make a product purchase, use charged services, and other instances. Since payment settlement is carried out by a settlement agency, the company does not store credit card information.
1.5 Product shipping information
When users borrow or receive products on a charged or free-of-charge basis through the company's services, the company collects product information and shipping information necessary to ship the product, such as address, phone number, and name. If a third-party agency processes an application or shipping request from the user, the company may also collect product information and shipping information provided by the user to the agency.
1.6 Customer service-related information
When users receive support from the company's customer service team, the company may collect and store contact information provided by the user (typically, but not limited to, name and e-mail address), information concerning service-related activities, and the user's ID number. Communication during this support and any information contained therein may also be stored.
1.7 Information concerning user actions
When users use the company's services, the company may collect and store information the user provides directly to the company as well as information provided through third-party service providers that provide the company's services. The company may also collect information on the user's conditions of service use, word-of-mouth communications, service reviews, and exchanges with other users. The majority of this information is collected and stored using log files, server-based files that record actions made on the company's apps and websites.
1.8 Communication functions
The company may record and store an archive of information on the communication users have with other users on the company's services, when users participate in certain actions involving the sharing of information. This information includes text, user profiles, messages, photos, images, audio, video, applications, and other information content.
1.9 Information collection using cookies
The company collects the technical information specified below when users access the company's services. Using log files and tracking technology, the company, as well as third-party service providers acting in lieu of the company, collect and analyze such information as cookies, IP address, device type, mobile device identifier, browser type, browser language, pages visited, exit pages, platform type, number of clicks, domain names, landing pages, number and order of page views, URL of each page, viewing time on certain pages, and app or website conditions as well as date and time of activities on the company's app and website. This information is used for internal purposes and in some cases may be associated with the user's user ID number.
1.10 Information collected in partnership with outside services
The company may collect the ID users use on outside services and any other information users have, through the privacy settings of the outside service, agreed to disclose to the company's partners.

2. Use of collected information

The company uses information collected from users for the following purposes.
(a) To provide the company's products and services
(b) To calculate and charge fees
(c) For user verification and authentication services
(d) To conduct surveys
(e) To conduct sweepstakes and campaigns
(f) For marketing surveys, statistics, and analysis
(g) For system maintenance and troubleshooting
(h) To issue important notifications regarding services received and other communications as needed
(i) To distribute advertisements and verify their results
(j) To provide technical support and respond to inquiries from users
(k) To develop, provide, maintain, and improve the company's apps, websites, services, content, and advertising
(l) To develop and provide advertisements on the company's and third parties' products and services for targeted audiences
(m) To prevent fraudulent and potentially unlawful actions and enforce the Terms of Use
(n) Other purposes designated for each of the company's services

3. Sharing of information and provision to third parties

The company may share users' information with third parties in the following cases.
(a) With the user's permission
The company may share the user's information (including personal information, where applicable) with a third-party company, organization, or individual when the user's permission has been received.
(b) Provision to facilities, businesses, etc., that provide the company's services
The company provides users’ personal information to facilities, businesses, etc., that provide the company’s services when such entities receive a service application from users. This information is sent by electronic system, e-mail, etc., and is retained by such facilities, businesses, etc., for the purpose of executing content in the user’s application. For questions regarding the handling of personal information stored by such facilities and businesses, please contact the relevant facility or business directly.
(c) Sharing with third-party service providers
The company provides users' information to third parties that provide services or carry out operations in lieu of the company, such as payment processing, data analysis, e-mail transmission, hosting services, and customer services, as well as to third parties that provide marketing support to the company. All third-party service providers are instructed to maintain the confidentiality of disclosed information and not to use users' information for purposes other than to provide the designated services.
(d) Sharing for linking to outside services
The company may provide users' information to companies operating outside services such as Facebook or Google accounts when linking to such services or authenticating using accounts on such services.
(e) Sharing with third-party advertisers
The company may share with third-party advertisers: (i) Certain technical information (including IP addresses and mobile device identifiers), (ii) Anonymized statistical information, and (iii) Anonymized information on service use. Users agree that the company or third-party advertisers may use this information for user trend analysis, analysis of demographic statistics, and web analytics, as well as for so-called behaviorally targeted advertising.
(f) For legal reasons
The company may be required to disclose users' personal information for legal or regulatory purposes, for legal proceedings, or at the request of a public or governmental agency, in or outside the user's country of residence.
The company may make information on users publicly available in cases where doing so is judged necessary or appropriate for maintaining national security, enforcing law, or is otherwise in the public's best interest.
The company may disclose information on users to execute the company's Terms of Use, for administrative purposes, or to protect users in cases where such disclosure is reasonably judged necessary.
(g) In case of company sale or merger
Personal information collected by the company may be transferred, all or in part, to another entity in the event of an organizational restructuring, merger, or sale.

4. Protection of personal information

The company takes all reasonable technical and physical measures in the management of users' personal information to prevent the loss, theft, wrongful use, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction of such information.
To maintain the security of users' private information, the company communicates its privacy and security guidelines to its employees and implements stringent privacy protection measures on an internal basis.

5. Access to personal information

The company makes reasonable commercial efforts to allow users access to their personal information so that users can request the company to correct incorrect data or delete data, except in cases where the company is required to retain such data for legal or justifiable business purposes.
The company makes honest efforts to provide ways for users to immediately update or erase information that is incorrect. However, this excludes cases where the company is required to retain such information for legal or justifiable business purposes.
Before responding to requests from users, the company may ask to verify the person's identity.
The company reserves the right to deny requests that are made with unreasonable frequency, requests that require excessive technical effort, requests that pose a risk of violating the privacy of others, as well as requests that are unrealistic or not otherwise required by laws that apply to such access.

6. Disposal of collected information

The company disposes of collected personal information when the information is reasonably judged no longer necessary in light of the company's normal business operation.

7. Questions related to privacy

Please direct all questions related to this Privacy Policy to the following: https://wamazing.zendesk.com/. However, please use the contact methods specified elsewhere in the company's apps and websites, where provided.

8. Changes to this Privacy Policy

The company may change this Privacy Policy at any time. Important changes will be posted on the company's websites along with the newest version of the Privacy Policy. Changes to the Privacy Policy are considered effective upon publication on the company's websites or in its apps.

9. Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all services pertaining to the company. In the event that the handling of customer information is specified separately in individual privacy policies for each service, individual terms of use, etc. (individual terms), such individual terms also apply. In the event of any conflict between this Privacy Policy and individual terms, such individual terms shall prevail.
This Privacy Policy does not apply to the collection of personal information by other businesses, such as those linked from the company's websites and apps.
Amended and effective: January 4, 2017


The original text was written in Japanese.
If any discrepancies should arise between the Japanese and English texts,
the former shall prevail at all times.





1.1 利用者から直接取得する情報
(a) 氏名
(b) 生年月日
(c) 性別(d) 国籍
(e) メールアドレス
(f) アカウントへのアクセス者の本人確認に必要なパスワード等のその他の情報
(g) ユーザープロフィール(ユーザー名またはニックネーム、プロフィール画像、その他利用者がプロフィールとして記載する情報)
(h) 渡航・滞在情報(日本への渡航日時、出入国に利用した空港他施設、ツアー形態、同行者人数、滞在中の宿泊施設、その他利用者が渡航・滞在情報として記載する情報)
(i) 当社がアプリまたはウェブサイトにおいて取得すると定めた情報
(j) その他当社が指定する利用者に関する情報
1.2 端末情報
1.3 位置情報
1.4 支払情報
1.5 商品発送情報
1.6 カスタマーサポートに関連する情報
1.7 利用者のアクションに関する情報
1.8 コミュニケーション機能
1.9 クッキー等を利用した情報取得
1.10 外部サービスとの連携により取得する情報

2. 取得した情報の利用

(a) 当社の商品・サービスの提供のため
(b) 料金請求、課金計算のため
(c) 本人確認、認証サービスのため
(d) アンケートの実施のため
(e) 懸賞、キャンペーンの実施のため
(f) マーケティング調査、統計、分析のため
(g) システムメンテナンス、不具合対応のため
(h) 本サービスに関する重要なお知らせ等、必要に応じた連絡を行うため
(i) 広告の配信およびその成果確認のため
(j) 技術サポートの提供、利用者からの問い合わせ対応のため
(l) ターゲットを絞った当社または第三者の商品またはサービスの広告の開発、提供のため
(m) 不正行為もしくは違法となる可能性のある行為を防止し、利用規約を施行するため
(n) その他当社の各サービスにおいて定める目的のため

3. 情報の共有・第三者提供

(a) 利用者の同意を得た場合
(b) 当社サービスを提供する施設や企業への提供
(c) 第三者サービス提供者との共有
(d) 外部サービスとの連携のための共有
(e) 第三者広告主との共有
当社は、(i) 特定の技術情報(IPアドレス、携帯端末識別子を含む)、(ii) 個人を特定できない統計情報、(iii) 個人を特定できないサービスの利用に関する情報を第三者広告主と共有することがあります。利用者は、このような情報を当社または第三者広告主が利用者傾向分析、人口統計分析、ウェブ分析のため、また、利用者に行動ターゲティング広告と呼ばれる広告のために使用することに同意します。
(f) 法律上の理由
(g) 売却または合併

4. 個人情報の保護


5. 個人情報へのアクセス


6. 取得した情報の廃棄


7. プライバシーに関するお問い合わせ

当社のプライバシーポリシーに関する質問やお問い合わせは、こちらより( https://support.wamazing.jp )ご連絡ください。ただし、アプリまたはウェブサイトに問合せ方法が定められている場合は、その記載が優先します。

8. プライバシーポリシーの変更


9. プライバシーポリシーの適用範囲


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